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Disadvantages of Production with Powder Metallurgy Technology

No manufacturing process is perfect. Powdered metal injection molding technology has its advantages, but it also has three disadvantages:


Limited by the size and shape of the metal part product

High cost of producing parts in small batches

Metal part product density varies by compaction


1. Product limited by size and shape


While powdered metal injection molding is effective in manufacturing precision auto parts or other complex metal parts, it is difficult to produce large, complex precision warp parts. The flowability of the powder creates limitations that result in simple metal part structures.


In addition, the size of the final metal part is limited by the manufacturing capabilities of the press. The powdered metal injection molding process produces parts weighing no more than 20 kilograms, which is much smaller than other manufacturing methods.


PRO TIP: If you are looking for a manufacturing method to produce complex, intricate parts, powdered metal injection molding technology is the solution!



2. High cost for small batch production

When using the powder metallurgy method for mass production, the process is highly cost-effective. However, in small batch production, the cost may exceed the profit.


The upfront cost of powdered metal injection molding equipment is relatively high. Presses, sintering furnaces and powder mixers must be purchased before production can begin. In addition, labor, tooling, and material costs can add up quickly when producing small batches.


How does batch production reduce these costs?


When producing in batches, costs are spread over a large number of parts.



3. Metal Parts Density varies by compaction

In the powdered metal injection molding process, it can be a challenge to maintain a consistent density throughout the metal part. The density of a metal part can vary for a number of reasons:


Metal Materials Particle size

Metal Materials Shape

Metal Materials Cracks

Metal Materials Defects

Metal Powder distribution


During the compaction step of the powdered metal injection molding process, pressure is applied to increase the density. If the pressure level varies, even slightly, the density between the metal alloy parts can be completely different.



When is the Powdered Metal Injection Molding Process Right for the Job?

If you are looking for a manufacturing process, the powdered metal injection molding manufacturing process may be the best choice for you:


Produce parts in batches

Omit finishing steps

Maintain high precision

Produce with a wide range of materials

The powdered metal injection molding process is a highly efficient process if you highlight its advantages. When choosing the optimal production method, it is equally important to consider its disadvantages.



Powdered Metal Injection Molding Process - A Proven Method

While the powder metal injection molding process is not the newest or most advanced manufacturing process, it has certainly become a viable and reliable option for the manufacture of small, complex metal parts. While the powdered metal injection molding process has its drawbacks, it remains a tried and true method for those looking to improve efficiency and cost control on larger projects.


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