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Powder Hardware parts

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Powder Hardware parts

Complex powder hardware parts are components used in the production of engineered products, often in high-volume or high-precision applications. These components typically involve molding, stamping, and machining processes. Steel, aluminum, brass are all commonly used for the production of these components.

complex metal fabrication

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Powder Metallurgy Review

MIM Parts Manufacturer Experts-Small Size Metal Parts, Metal Parts with Complex 3D Structure, Irregulan Shape and High Precision.
United States  GODFRED BINEY

This was my first experience with Harber and I must say I was highly impressed by their services. Im impressed with Harber this supplier who supplies the product tirelessly. Harber group is friendly helpful, and easy to work with. Harber is an emerging greattech company. Mark worked with me throughout the project. He was helpful, informative, and patient. Thank You harber!

Nigeria  Olanrewaju Busari

I tried some mim factory in China before. I am really impressed by Harber's service. Their service, quality, price are awesome. My company has used Harber for years and will continue to do so for many years to come!

Kenya  Rashid Twahir

When I found out about Harber Industrial, it was after seeing some complex metal parts they had built. Summer has been nothing less than great to work with! From helping with cad design and rendering, to full production runs with consistent, exacting tolerances. I highly recommend Harber Industrial Ltd.

FAQs of Powder Metallurgy

FAQs of Powder Metallurgy

  • Q
    What are the differetiates between Harber with other supplier?

    Profeession and reliability; Our advantages are multiple available technologies, strong quality assurance, and good at project & supply chain management.

  • Q
    How to deal with the quality problem?

    a. With our partners we perform APQP at an early stage in each project.
    b. Our factory must fully understand the quality concerns from customers and implement product & process quality requirements.
    c. Our quality professionals who perform patrol inspection in our factories.We perform final inspection before the goods are packed.
    d. We have 3rd party inspectors who perform final audit checks on the packed goods prior to dispatch from China.

  • Q
    Do you like to serve the client only with small orders?

    We enjoy to grow up together with all our clients whatever big or small. You will become bigger and bigger to be with us.

  • Q
    Why Powder Metal Metallurgy?

    The powder metal metallurgy process provides a host of advantages over competing metalworking technologies. These all add up to part-to-part uniformity for improved product quality, shape and material flexibility, application versatility, and cost effectiveness.

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